How To Start A Laundry Shop Business In The Philippines (2021 Guide)

Want to learn how to start a laundry shop business in the Philippines? You’ll need to read these tips to for proper setup.

Unlike other business ventures, people’s clothes are always in need of cleaning, especially in Metro Manila, where the population is increasing and our jobs demand our utmost attention, leaving no time for time-consuming chores like laundry.

The rise of condominiums and people living in confined spaces also means that washing machines are out of the question.

Laundry shops are necessary for people living in these conditions and are valuable enough to become profitable businesses, IF you read and follow these tips!

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laundry Business In Philippines?

Whether home-based or self-service, whichever type of laundry shop you want will require a budget between ₱250,000 to ₱400,000 as capital.

How To Start A Laundry Shop Business In The Philippines

1. Register Your Business

Laundry shop businesses require registration like any other, but you’ll have to go to two specific departments:

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) – For business registration.
  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – For business names, trademarks, and logo.

2. Pick A Good Location

Whether you make money or not is determined by the location! If you want to be successful, you’ll have to think like your customers. For condominium and apartment dwellers, they’ll probably find a laundry shop convenient if they’re located nearby.

The best location would then be the ground floor, where not only are people walking around but can also advertise your business.

These places should be your demographic where time is essential for them to and people need the convenience of someone else to wash their clothes.

3. Use The Right Equipment For The Job

Proper washing of clothes involves separating the whites and colored clothes, as well as the delicates that require extra care. All of these clothes can benefit from the use of laundry nets, which vary from size. Ideally, you should have a set for small, medium, and big for the appropriate amount of clothes for each customer.

Also, a digital weighing scale is a helpful tool for you and the customers to get an accurate rate per kilogram.

Most importantly, buy washing machines that are brand new and for commercial use. Being cheap and using a used washing machine will give you a headache in the long run as their spare parts are hard to come by these days and run the risk of damaging the customer’s clothes.

4. Buy Good Quality Soaps And Detergents

Test soaps and detergents first before buying them in bulk and get a reliable supplier for your choice of products.

You might find that an expensive soap/detergent might be the best choice because you need less per wash load, compared to using a cheaper brand.

Balancing cost and quality is key to generating profits for a laundry shop business.

5. Design Your Space With Efficiency In Mind

With self-service laundry shops becoming increasingly popular, you’ll want to maximize the space efficiently.

If you have competitors near you, it’s an opportunity to observe the behavior of the people inside. Do they loiter and talk to other customers? Do they bring food inside? These are things to consider when designing the space.

As a suggestion, placing washing machines below driers would help quicken the transferring of clothes and reduces water dripping all over the floor, which can help avoid slippage.

6. Provide Value-Added Services

Depending on your target market, other benefits might convince them to try out your service. Free parking, for example, might incentivize someone who primarily is on the road.

Having a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service can be a massive help for people who might be unable to go to your laundry shop.

Other popular additions to consider include folding, ironing, and dry cleaning.

7. Win Customers With Quality And Consistency

Establishing standard operating procedures (SOP) ensure service quality is consistent for each customer.

When I get my clothes delivered, I want them clean with that new laundry smell, free of any dirt that shouldn’t be there. Otherwise, I’d be more distrustful of the business and less likely to use them. Worse, I might not even recommend my friends to use their services.

On-time delivery, no missing or damaged clothes, can help in earning your customers’ trust.

You’ve Learned How To Start A Laundry Shop Business In The Philippines!

Do you own a laundry shop business? Let us know in the comment section below and share any of your personal tips that would help others!

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