Simple Guide: How to Lose Weight in a Month

Learn How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

The summer months are coming, and many are planning their vacation in and out of the country. There is no doubt that you have your own itinerary set up.

You also planned to lose some of those pounds a few months ago.

Fortunately, I have three simple tips that can show you how to lose weight, without having to exercise!

It’s hard to find motivation to get up early and go to the gym, but if you follow this guide, you won’t have to break a sweat.

How do we know this works? Science confirms it! In the spirit of proper research, you will find references at the end of the post for convenience.

1. Count calories for easy weight loss

The most actionable step you can do toward your journey to weight loss is tracking the amount of calories you eat every day.

To put it simply, there is a set amount of calories your burn at rest. This is called your basal metabolic rate (BMR)

Eating less than your BMR will make you lose weight at an even pace. Assuming, of course,that you eat consistent amounts of calories each day.

This doesn’t mean you should go on a rapid weight loss journey. It is recommended that you eat 200 – 300 calories less than your BMR for healthy weight loss.

Using a calorie calculator, you can determine your BMR, as well as how much calories you need to eat (less) to lose weight.

For example, I myself weigh 64 kilograms. Entering the information in the calculator shows that I burn 1,600 calories a day. If I eat less than my BMR (1,600 calories), I can lose weight.

Take note that your age, gender, and lifestyle take into account how much you calories you burn.

When tracking calories, you should be aware of what you buy at the grocery store by reading the nutritional label.

Use a calorie tracker

Homepage of myfitnesspal
The website / app can show your target calories for the day.

I recommend using myfitnesspal, a popular website and mobile app that shows a database of food with their nutritional value displayed. Additionally, it can track how much calories are left, and show you what you ate throughout the day.

Food Diary in myfitnesspal
All the nutritional information for each food are added in the database.

A handy feature is being able to scan the barcode of any food product using your camera, making calorie counting easy.

2. Drink water when you’re hungry

Often times when we are on a diet, it can’t be helped that it is tempting to eat what you want and feel guilty about doing so afterward.

You can help stave off your hunger by drinking more water, which can actually help burn a couple of calories.

A study in 2010 found that dieters lost more weight (about 40%), when they drank half a liter of water, 30 minutes before a meal.

It makes sense because as you get full, you would simply eat less. As a result, you burn more calories than you consume.

Don’t drink too much

However, while drinking water is a healthy habit to practice, we shouldn’t drink to the point of overhydration. This is called water intoxication.

Did you know water has 0 calories? This means that compared to sugary drinks such as sodas and juice, water can greatly help in losing weight.

Speaking of sugary drinks…

3. Reduce sugar intake to lose weight

While sugar may be present in almost everything we eat, there are some foods that yield so much of the stuff that it increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Not only that, but a study correlated the consumption of sugary drinks with increased weight gain and the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.

Sugar is everywhere, there’s no denying that. Even food viewed as “healthy” are guilty of the fact that they contain a lot of sugar as well.

I’m talking about fruit juice. They are just as unhealthy as drinking a can of Coke.

Do yourself and your health a favor, and lessen the amount of sugar intake everyday.

I know that sounds hard, but take small steps first. For example, those juice drinks advertised as a way to burn calories are not going to help but make you gain more weight.

You can lose weight in a month

I believe being aware of what and how much we eat can go a long way toward gaining that summer body we all want.

We only have one body and taking care of it is a worthwhile investment for your future self.

With that in mind, you need to be patient and consistent when it comes to your goal. Success is derived by those who put an effort in what they want to achieve.

By following these weight loss tips, shedding those pounds will be a breeze. Not only that, you will also live a healthier lifestyle.

How’s your experience when it comes to dieting? Share them in the comments below!

I hope you guys found this post helpful, if you know friends and family that have trouble learning how to lose weight, kindly share this with them.

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