New PhilHealth Contribution Table 2021

PhilHealth has updated its contribution table for 2020, as they announced last year. Members pay a new monthly contribution equal to their monthly basic salary multiplied by 3.00%. The monthly contribution is equally shared by the employee and employer.

You can find the new 2020 PhilHealth contribution table below.

2020 PhilHealth Contribution Table

PhilHealth Contribution Table 2020

Sample Computations

Monthly Basic Salary x 3.00%Monthly PremiumPersonal ShareEmployer’s Share
₱10,000 and below₱300.00₱150.00₱150.00
₱10,000.01 up to ₱39,999.99₱300 up to ₱1,199.99₱150 up to ₱599.99₱150 up to ₱599.99
₱40,000.00 and above₱1,200.00₱600.00₱600.00

How To Calculate PhilHealth Contribution

To learn how to compute your PhilHealth contribution, follow this formula:

  • Monthly Premium = Monthly Basic Salary x 3.00%
  • Personal / Employer’s Share = Monthly Premium / 2

For example, if you’re earning ₱10,000 per month, the formula will look like this:

  • Monthly Premium = ₱10,000 x 3.00% = ₱300
  • Personal / Employer’s Share = ₱300 / 2 = ₱150

Therefore, you and your employer will pay ₱150 each every month.

Members earning ₱40,000 and above only need to pay ₱1,100, the maximum monthly contribution set by PhilHealth for that salary range. The ₱1,100 will then be divided, with employee/employer paying ₱600 each.

If you’re interested in becoming a PhilHealth member, view this guide on PhilHealth registration.

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