Police Clearance in Makati City (2021 Guide)

Acquiring a police clearance in Makati City is seldom needed. However, as I was recently hired, they requested that I submit one as a pre-employment requirement.

I made this convenient guide to show you the steps I took and what it’s like to get one.

Where can you get a Police Clearance in Makati?

You can get one at the Makati Central Police Headquarters at Yakal St. It’s beside the Makati Fire Station and just behind Alphaland.

Here is the Makati Central Police Headquarters in Google Maps:

You can enter through the front gate, and head to the left side of the building toward the steps.

Police Clearance requirements in Makati

When getting your police clearance you’ll need:

  • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • Valid ID
  • A ballpen

When I applied last April of 2019, I brought a valid ID (just in case), but the guard in the front gate just told me to go to the left side of the building without asking for any identification.

Getting your Police Clearance in Makati

Steps to applying for a Police Clearance in Makati

Step 1. Fill up the application form

Right outside by the door, there will be a guard sitting beside a table. The table is appropriately named “Step 1” and has an application for the police clearance (brown paper) as well as for the Cedula (white paper), if you don’t have one yet.

Step 1 in Applying for Police Clearance in Makati City

Step 2. Cedula & Order of Payment

Once you’re done filling out the form(s), bring it to the cubicle inside the police station. If you don’t have a Cedula, give the white paper and pay 50 pesos. Otherwise, head to the person in the next cubicle and pay the City Treasurer’s Office fee (Order of Payment).

Since I need it for employment, I paid 50 pesos. This varies depending on what purpose you need it for.

Step 2, 3, and 4 in Applying for Police Clearance in Makati City
Left to right: Payment of Cedula, Order of Payment, and Police Clearance ID and Certificate payment

Step 3. Payment for Police ID and Certificate

Next, you will pay the 250 peso fee for the Police clearance certificate and ID. Tip: Give the exact amount.

Once you’re done with all the payments, they’ll take your application form, cedula receipt (if you applied), and OR receipt. A number stub will be given to you.

After this, I had to go outside, wait, and have my number called. They have chairs outside (at the back) for people to line up.

Step 4. Record Checking

At this point, they will be checking for any records of you in their system. Once done, they’ll call out your number, with the forms and receipt returned to you, as well as a police clearance receipt.

Step 5. Picture-taking and Signature

Another waiting will take place and the number you had before will be your queuing number.

When you’re called, you’ll have your picture taken and they’ll manually input your information in a computer screen. You will need to check if the information is correct.

Step 6. Releasing of Police Clearance ID & Certificate

Your police clearance certificate will be given to you immediately, assuming that there are no technical difficulties. Your Police Clearance ID will be printed in an adjacent room and you will have to get it yourself.

Police Clearance Certificate
Police Clearance ID

Police Clearance fee in 2019

Whether for employment or for passport requirements, the City Treasurer’s Office fee depends entirely on the purpose of applying for the police clearance.

I took a picture of the table for fees below:

Table for City Treasurer's Office Fee in Makati City

Difference between Police Clearance and NBI Clearance?

The main difference is that a police clearance shows if there are criminal charges filed at the locality where it’s issued whereas the NBI clearance reflects criminal charges in the whole country.

All in all, the process took 2 hours when I went at 11:00 AM. I suggest that you go earlier to be prioritized more quickly.

Update: Thanks to JN in the comments for letting us know the schedule!

  • Weekdays: 8:00AM – 3:30PM (Cut-off)
  • Weekends: Closed

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32 thoughts on “Police Clearance in Makati City (2021 Guide)”

  1. Thank u so much po for this post. It really helped me. Pero ask ko lang po if ok lang po kaya na ang gamitin kong address ay ung address ko s probinsya? For loan purposes po.

  2. Thanks Gio for this useful guide! I applied for my clearance today and saw there was an online form (https://www.idcorp-clearance.com/) so I filled it out. When I presented my reference number to the cashier at Step 3, I was told that applicants who filled up the online form would be given “priority”. They did not give me a queue number, but I was told my name would be called. After patiently waiting for around 20-30 minutes and following up twice, I was told to enter the encoding area, skipping the line (meanwhile the line kept moving 4 people at a time). So, I suggest going through the online form process if you want to avoid lining up, but it’s not clear when your name will be called.

    • Hi Zeke!

      Yeah at that time, the website was not working and I wasn’t able to get to take advantage of it. Good to know that it’s worth looking into when you’re going to get your own!

    • Good day!
      Tanong ko lang po pwede ba ako maka kuha ng police clearance sa makati if taga visayas ako ? , Para lang sa spousal visa ko.. ano po ung requirements na ipapa kita ko sa kanila ? Open po sila ng sunday?
      Salamat po

      • Hi Jam!

        I’m unsure about the eligibility of getting one from Makati, but it is better to ask directly from their office 🙂 For the requirements, it’s the same for getting one for employment (see above). Lastly, as they are a government office, I assume they would only be open during work days. If you can, you should try contacting them.

  3. Permanent address: Nueva Ecija
    Present address: Makati(currently residing with relatives since start magwork)

    1. Allowed and valid ba ako na kumuha ng police clearance sa Makati?
    2. if brgy clearance is not needed during the process of police clearance application, and ang need lang is cedula, saan ako makakakuha ng cedula?

  4. Hi everyone 😊 may open po ba na kuhanan ng police clearance ng weekend? Pwede ko din ba gamitin yung cedula ko kung sa province ko kinuha at sa manila ko kukuha ng police clearance? Thank you 😊

  5. What if I do have my cert for first time job seeker ? Am I still required to pay the fee ? Or ut is already free ? I tried applying online as first time job seeker but its not printing.why is that ? Do they really accept this claim?

  6. Actually this is my 1st time getting a police clearance. So Im talking about po the 250 pesos fee. Kasi diba when you have 1st job seeker assistance act cert, you dont have to pay anything esp 250 pesos except maybe the cedula. Tama po ba ?

  7. I went there yesterday. Cedula is not required. i didn’t even pay for the cedula. I only paid for the clearance which is PHP 250 only. No other requirements were asked. I came around 9:30 am and finished within an hour. It’s actually their machine which took things slow but the whole process is easy and quick. Better bring your own pen as you need to fill up a form. You wouldn’t want to use their pen as many people touched the pen already and you wouldn’t know who among them are potential covid19 carrier/patient.


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