Sample Resume for Fresh Graduate (2021 Filipino Guide)

Looking for a sample resume for a fresh graduate? You’re in the right place. Having had the same experience before, we worry about being unable to find a job because we lack the work experience that employers are looking for, especially for entry-level positions.

Which is why I want to help out my fellow fresh graduates by showing the resume I used when applying for a couple of job positions shown in Kalibrr, Linkedin, Jobstreet, and Indeed.

Alongside this, I will explain the process of creating this resume and why you should try them yourself!

Sample Resume for a Fresh Graduate

Sample Resume for Fresh Graduate (Filipino)

When it comes to creating a resume, you’ll have to think about what your employer will be reading. Appropriately named CARE, here’s a couple of guidelines you should follow:

  • Compact – Most people would usually make a resume that’s two to three pages long. Unless you have a lot of relevant experiences that you think are good points, chances are that you are just adding fillers that don’t necessarily bring any credibility.
  • Activity – Show them what you’ve been doing at college. Joining clubs in your college years shows your capability in an organization – something that is important when it comes to being culturally fit within a workplace.
  • Relevance – Is it helpful? Does it contain unnecessary fluff? I’m sure your interviewer wouldn’t need to know about your addiction to K-Pop. For example, I should have removed the “High School Graduate” part since it’s been a long time and has no relevance anymore. Less is more, as they say.
  • Emphasize – Whether it be your contact information or your experience, it makes reading your resume easier to scan. Remember, it helps to know that a lot of people are applying for the same position as you, and the HR is looking at a lot papers each day. Make yours stand out!

By following this sample resume for a fresh graduate, you can improve your chances in landing a job for a company you want!

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